Ice-breaking workshops

To start breaking the ice AHHAA Science Centre has prepared practical workshops and shows for you.

The workshops take place in two rounds:

17:45-18:25 First round
18:30-19:10 Second round

You can choose one workshop to attend from both rounds. Please note that there will be the limited number of places for each workshop. We encourage you to make pre-registration for the workshops you are interested in taking part.

The registration form is available at the end of this page.

1. Planetarium: Discovering the Universe

Speed through space, following the footsteps of famous explorers, to the farthest corners of our solar system. The information that we obtain from these parts of the Universe is older than the whole of mankind!

The vast space above us has always equally inspired and terrified us. The development of human civilization and the development of astronomy often go hand in hand: from the first sky observations and discoveries through a telescope, to the present day, where many of our everyday gadgets use the technology that was first created during the Cold War space race. We end our journey with a reflection on the future of space research – nowadays, even private companies and small countries, such as Estonia, can launch their own rockets into space.

2. Workshop: Building the paper bridge

Test your engineering and teamwork skills and build a durable bridge from the seemingly weak material – paper. Which team builds the strongest bridge and what kind of techniques do they use?

3. Workshop: Caffeine crystals

Do you have any idea how to get pure caffeine crystals from a caffeine pill? In this workshop, you’ll find out how, and also learn what caffeine does to your body and what the plants use caffeine for.

4. Workshop: Heart dissection

In this workshop, you have the opportunity to see, touch and investigate a real (pig’s) heart. Is the heart really heart-shaped? Does the real heart look like the one in anatomy book? Can you find all the four chambers and cardiac valves?

5. Science theatre: Aha, Saves the Day!

Let’s be honest, nobody likes to be told what to do or not to do. “Try to be careful while making pancakes… “, “Whatever you do, do not try to put out burning oil with water…”. We will do EVERYTHING the way it should not be done, so you won’t have to!