The Baltic Peat Producers’ Forum (BPPF) is one of the most important peat industry events in Europe. It is organized annually in different locations at the end of the production season respectively by Latvian, Lithuanian and Estonian Peat Producers’ Associations. BPPF has been held annually since 2001 and it attracts hundreds of international attendees. The forum was founded in Riga, Radisson Hotel Daugava, in March 2000 at the joint board meeting of Baltic peat producers’ associations where upcoming challenges and tasks were discussed. It was decided that this kind of a meeting should be held annually in order to exchange information regarding technology and yearly production rates. The first BPPF was held in Lithuania, Šiauliai, in one of the production companies in 2001.

What started as an annual meeting between three associations has nowadays grown into an international forum that gathers more than 300 delegates from more than 15 countries and holds a key place amongst peat industry events in Europe. The forum brings together peat industry representatives as well as decision-makers, traders, equipment manufacturers, environmentalists, representatives from peat serving industries and researchers who share their experience and knowledge on peat and peatland related issues.

The main aim of the forum is to present the latest achievements and perspectives in the peat industry in order to share experiences as well as to address issues regarding legal frameworks, nature conservation and other issues regarding scientific research on peatlands.

20th Baltic Peat Producers’ Forum, Latvia

20th BPPF is organized by the Latvian Peat Association. The forum will take place on September 15th 2022 in Riga, Latvia. 

Previous events

2019 – 19th Baltic Peat Producers Forum, Palanga, Lithuania

2018 – 18th Baltic Peat Producers Forum, Tartu, Estonia

2017 – 17th Baltic Peat Producers’ Forum, Riga, Latvia. “Peatlands – research, production, re-cultivation and the factors influencing it”

2016 – 16th Baltic Peat Producers’ Forum, Kaunas, Lithuania.

2015 – 15th Baltic Peat Producers’ Forum, Kuressaare, Estonia. Peat Industry in Turbulence of Politics and Economy

2014 – 14th Baltic Peat Producers’ Forum, Riga, Latvia.

2013 – 13th Baltic Peat Producers’ Forum, Vilnius, Lithuania.

2012 – 12th Baltic Peat Producers’ Forum, Tallinn, Estonia. “Knowledge is necessity in peat”

2011 – 11th Baltic Peat Producers’ Forum, Latvia.

2010 – 10th Baltic Peat Producers’ Forum, Druskininkai, Lithuania.

2009 – 9th Baltic Peat Producers’ Forum, Tartu, Estonia.

2008 – 8th Baltic Peat Producers’ Forum, Jurmala, Latvia.

2007 – 7th Baltic Peat Producers’ Forum, Palanga, Lithuania. “Utilization of peat bogs and nature and environmental protection problems”

2006 – 6th Baltic Peat Producers’ Forum, Pärnu, Estonia.

2005 – 5th Baltic Peat Producers’ Forum, Liepaja, Latvia. “Peat in energy, agriculture and ecology”

2004 – 4th Baltic Peat Producers’ Forum, Vilnius, Lithuania.

2003 – 3rd Baltic Peat Producers’ Forum, Tartu, Estonia.

2002 – 2nd Baltic Peat Producers’ Forum, Riga, Latvia.

2001 – 1st Baltic Peat Producers’ Forum, Šiauliai, Lithuania.