Presentations of BPPF 2019

Economic outlook: has the slowing eurozone economy already affected Lithuania? (Mr A. Izgorodin, SME Finance)
Challanges for the greenhouse sector (Mr M. Pupienis, “Kietaviškiu gausa”, Ltd.)
News from the IPS – Facing & shaping the future of peat (Mr G. Ludwig, IPS)
Golden Sponsor: ICL Group (Mr R. Leurs)
Reliable raw materials for growing media – Testing effective sanitation by using Bacillus globigii as a test organism (Mr H. Boon, RHP)
Peatland Fires – Experiences, Lessons Learned (Mr V. Kurkulis, Association of Fire Prevention Works)
Energy peat position in EU countries and alternative usage possibilities (Mr J. Silpola, Vapo Group)
Golden Sponsor: Premier Tech Chronos (Mr M. Péray)
The growing media sector in the EU – chances for sustainable horticulture in the political arena (Mr S. Vandaele, Mrs C. Luetgebrune, GME)
There is no row behind the door. The future labor market is here. Have the forecasts for 2030 come true? (Ms A. Grybauskienė, Talentor Lithuania, Ltd.)
Treasures under the peat – research of prehistoric settlements at Aukštumala peat-bog (prof. Mr A. Girinininkas and Mr T. Rimkus, Klaipėda University)
The role of RPP for growing media and how to get started with RPP-certification (Mr M. Kuenen, RPP)
Peat production in Estonia 2019 (Mr E. Niitlaan, Estonian Peat Association)
Peat production in Latvia 2019 (Ms I. Krīgere, Latvian Peat Association)
Peat production in Lithuania 2019 (Mr G. Kavaliauskas, Lithuanian Peat Producers’ Association)