The AHHAA Science Centre offers science, excitement, adventure and useful skills, as well as a fun time for everyone in every age. The majority of exhibits are ‘hands-on’, so our guest should be ready for some new discoveries and exciting new adventures during the Ice-Breaking Party.

    The AHHAA Science Centre is located in the city centre (Sadama 1, Tartu), only a few minutes’ walking distance from the Forum venue and official Forum hotels.

      In 2016 the Estonian National Museum finally opened its doors to the general public. The modern building is filled with pieces from Estonia’s past and offers plenty of things for visitors of all ages to look at, listen to, watch, read and touch.

      The new building of the ENM is located on a former soviet military base near Tartu. The vision of the architects was to re-use this site, a physically present ‘ruin’ of a painful history, giving it a new meaning that inspires hope. The National Museum becomes a continuation of the airfield – its roof lifting and expanding towards ‘infinite space’. The building, observable as a piece of conceptual art, has already gained international recognition.

      Before the Gala Dinner all our guests have an hour to get a glimpse of the ENM exhibitions. Bus transfer from the hotels before the dinner and to the hotels after the dinner will be organized.

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